A good look at Zak's Human and Spirit Self.

Zak Younge was born as A Cursed One. He, like most of his kind who have been this for a long time, is good at keeping this hidden. His ability is that, even if one of his kind is in there Human form, he can sense what they are and, if he focuses, can see there Spirit, or 'True Self'. He though he was the only one but one day, when he was with his girlfriend, he finally realized why he always had this close, almost electric feeling when with her. He focuses and he see's that she is also a Cursed One.


Eris speaking to Zak.

He morphs accidentally and she becomes disgusted by him, apparently not knowing that she, herself, was a Cursed One. He meets Eris and Hexxus and, after getting freaked out, yells at Eris for ruining his life. She then turns him back to his regular self after no explination, only saying that he was helping a greater cause. He quickly finds his girlfriend, telling her that he was still the same person she knew, but she wants nothing to do with him. But one night Eris comes to visit her and releases the repressed Spirit from within this girl. She can't take it and Zak's girlfriend then shoots herself later that night.

Zak felt like she was his only hope to fit in with someone or to git rid of this odd life he doesn't want to be apart of. Now he just needs someone, someone like him.

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