Being the granddaughter of Death can seriously mess with a person's genes . . . such as making them have all the characteristics of a Cursed One.

Name: Susan Sto Helit

Alias: Susan Death

Age: Nineteen

Family: Ysabelle (Mother, deceased), Mort (Father, deceased), Death (grandfather, not really alive or deceased, just there)

Type of Being: I guess you could call her a Cursed One.

Status: Single

Personality: Not much of a sense of humor, very sensible and logical, can be quite brisk at times, but has remarkable patience.


Susan's family wasn't exactly normal. Her parents were the Duke and Duchess of Sto Helit, but the strived to bring Susan up as normally as possible. As a result she has close to no imagination, and fails at anything at all creative. All of her drawings as a child were done in black crayon, and she's always been remarkably sensible. When she was thirteen her parents sent her to the Quirm College for Young Ladies, which
Death of Rats by Demolished to Dust

SQUEAK is the only word in his vocabulary.

proceeded to make her even more sensible and logical. At sixteen her parents were killed in a crash, and not too long after Susan was first sucked into her grandfather's world.

Really, sending the Death of Rats and a talking raven to alert your granddaughter of your existance isn't the best idea. A talking bird and a skeleton rat? She'll think she's dreaming!

Susan was first extremely reluctant to even believe in the existance of her grandfather, but after being taken to his house by his horse (named Binky, strangely) she was forced to believe.

One might ask how it is possible for Death to have any family. The answer: Death adopted Susan's mother, Ysabelle, and then took Mort on as an apprentice. Ysabelle and Mort fell in love, and they then got married and had Susan. Due to Susan being the first one born into Death's family, she inherited some of his gifts and abilities. Such as existing outside of time, walking through walls, turning invisible, remembering the future, that sort of stuff.

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