Arielle Eline Anderson
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Hair Color:

Fiery Red

Eye Color:





120 lbs


Ariel (The Little Mermaid)




Princess Ariel
Arielle Eline Anderson
Carrot Top

Arielle Eline Anderson-ArielEdit

Ariel was originally a Spirit. She grew up as a spirit and was always told not to get involved with human affairs and all that good stuff. Basically Ariel started off as a Spirit who fell in love with a cursed one. She went to another spirit to make her human and she herself became a cursed one. She was on her way to find the boy she fell for when Ursula found her again, telling her she was to pay her back for making her human. She wanted Ariel and her sisters to join her against Eris (Ursula wanting to be the one in power instead of her) and Ariel refused, but soon Ursula offered up the boy as a bargaining chip--telling Ariel she wouldn't hurt him if Ariel sided with her--and Ariel accepted. Now she fears the boy she loves finding out whose side Ariel is on and not wanting to be with her. In the meantime, she tries to find a way out of her contract so she can't be used as a weapon at all. (Arielle Eline Anderson is (c) to Christina/Chris a.k.a. LostPrincess92 and all the information on this page came from her own brain. Ariel is (c) to Disney)


Ariel is stubborn as a horse. She does not like to be wrong. It is just not an option for her to be wrong. She is set in her beliefs and fights for what she thinks is right. She's got a good head on her shoulders, but to her being wrong is a sign of weakness. Ariel very rarely thinks about what she does before she does it. She usually just has a vague general idea of what she wants to do and she then just executes it, no planning involved of any sort. That could be a fatal flaw of hers, since impulsive people do not think they usually run into a situation and most of the time they get hurt-or killed. Along with her stubbornness, Ariel is very hard-headed. She does not listen to others around her and she does not like taking direction if it is something she is not in the mood to do at the moment. This causes trouble at school and at home, but her bubbly personality usually gets her out of trouble somehow. It is kind of funny how life works out that way.

Ariel cares so much for her friends and family she would die for them. When she first meets someone, she'll be off-hand-ish, but over time she will grow to love them. She puts other people's needs before her own-which isn't always a good thing-and will stop at nothing to make sure that person is happy before she goes to make herself happy. She is very loyal, defending a friend in need when the situation calls for it. She is a very loving person. She has got a big heart and it sometimes gets her into trouble, but it shows that she has the ability to feel in the first place. Ariel's actions are based on how to keep the people she loves happy. She is a tough cookie with a good amount of courage. It usually takes people off guard when she shows this side of her personality, since she is generally so friendly and chatty, but she can stand up for herself and others just as well as people much older and bigger then herself. She is very loyal to her friends, and as such, is willing to do anything for them if they need her help. Her ability and capacity for courage is often surprising to those who don’t know her well, as she doesn’t exactly appear to be much of a threat. [1]

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